Hydraulic Cylinders and Forklift Parts


 Other pumps and misc inventory items:

Davidson 6"x 6" type AONAIE with 10 HP motor.  Unused

Meco 1 1/2 x 3 p/n100188001 with 5 hp motor unused

Buffalo pump rotor P/N NG-13921-1000 unused

Worthington Fire Pump model 5LG-1, 500 GPM pump only unused

Warren Pump unit type 3 CLH, 285 GPM with motor unused

Oilgear type DR-3511, 880 RPM, 1100 PSI hydraulic pump, used take off

Blackmer X2NFA-GMA horizontal lube oil transfer pump unused

Goulds 600 GPM model 3405, with  motor unused

Allis Chamers vertical pump type CF2V, 50 GPM, 2760 RPM with motor unused

IMO pump 40/20 GPM1750/870 rpm, model C6DBC-187 with motor unused, 3 available

Worthington Pump Unit model D-1021, 6x4x6, 825 GPM with 30 HP  motor, rebuilt

Vickers L1-PV2125-13-S502, 860 RPM, 3000 PSI, unused

Vickers L13-PVA-120-C-12, 1750 RPM, 166 GPM, 1980 RPM unused

Vickers MFS 2032 30-150-21-SPEC, unused surplus

Nash Vacuum pump Type CL Series 1500 unused surplus

Denison P6P2R1C100B Hydraulic Pump, used

York Compressor P/N 364-2285, model RN122B-12 used condition

Carver pump unit 8x6x13 NC-2 1150 GPM vertical with motor unused

Denison PPC-1223-607-L3P-X534 Hydraulic Pump

Drexel 3000 lbs capacity Swing mast electric forklift

Hyster Straddle Carrier, dismantled ready to ship, we have 2 of these machines available

Carver pump P/N N-998-6108-b-001 pump unit

Warren pump E-500-6G1H Lube oil pump.  Pump only, used condition